Romantic partner problems

Concerns may include: difficulty communicating with your significant other, frequent arguments with your significant other, want to be in a healthier relationship, uncertain whether you want to remain in your current relationship, feeling confused or annoyed by your current relationship.

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Primary Resource

Healing and Advocacy Collective

  • LGBTQ+ Support
  • Crisis Support
  • Confidential

The Healing and Advocacy Collective offers confidential support and advocacy-based counseling for people impacted by power-based interpersonal violence, “including abusive relationships and bullying, stalking and threats, sexual assault and harassment, child abuse and neglect, and additional experiences. In addition, we work with individuals and groups to increase knowledge and education about:
- Power and Control
- Bystander intervention
- Transforming relationships and culture
- Trauma-informed yoga
and more to create community change.

As a part of the Social Justice Center, we see the ways that power-based interpersonal violence is interconnected with other forms of violence, harm, and injustice. We believe that we must collectively work together to address the larger structural roots of violence, discrimination, and oppression.

We are committed to engaging in this work drawing from the lens of joy and liberation, as we envision a world where all communities are committed to community-building, radical care, and justice.


Healing and Advocacy Collective

180 Tremont Street, Ansin 303 and 304
Boston, MA 02116

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